Wall Street Journal Examines Relationships, Features Landmark Forum Leader

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal looked at how to resolve upsets face to face. The story also featured commentary from Landmark Forum leader and Landmark executive Nancy Zapolski, who suggests as a starting point looking at why one is actually mad – what expectations did one have that went unmet?

Zapolski also recommended starting with an intention to truly restore the relationship, not to dump something or simply get something off your chest. The article further examines how not getting in communication when there is an upset is untenable, and ultimately leads to an explosion of anger. Instead, the article and Zapolski recommend, look at how one can communicate responsibly, rather than simply blaming the other person for everything.

Fundraiser for Indian Children

Arizona yoga practitioners are teaming up with Stephanie Miranda’s ‘Gypsy Starfish Project’ to raise money for Arunai Children’s Home, an Indian orphanage, as the fulfillment of Miranda’s project that she created in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program. According to the Daily Courier, Miranda, who is herself a yoga teacher, is also teaching a June 4 children’s class in Flinn Park as part of the fundraising. Miranda can be contacted at 928-710-1457 or through the Gypsy Starfish Project Facebook group.

Yoga, Bulimia, Focus of Florida Project

Joy Tapper’s project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program is having people undertake Yoga classes and also bringing attention to a worthy organization that deals with eating disorders. Tapper is hoping to underline the difference Yoga classes can make with eating disorders – she herself has found it effective in dealing with bulimia.

Her project was recently featured in an article in Tampa Bay Online, which tells how Tapper brought together three local yoga studios to put on a free April 10th event. The Yoga day drew over 200 people and raised about $2,000 for USF Hope House for Eating Disorders, which offers people free support groups and outpatient services.

Read the story at Tampa Bay Online.

Firsthand Accounts of The Landmark Forum from Major Media Outlets

Major newspapers and magazines have written stories about the landmark forum based on having reporters take the landmark forum and give a personal account. Here are links to some of those stories, with quotes which sum up the reporter’s take on the course.

TIME Magazine: “I benefitted tremendously from the uncomfortable mirror that the course had put in front of me.  With [Landmark Forum Leader] Roger Smith’s mantra of personal responsibility playing on a loop in my mind, I started to take stock of the quality, not just the quantity, of the time I spent with my family.”

The Guardian: “The Landmark Forum is not magic. It is not scary or insidious. It is, in fact, simple common sense delivered in an environment of startling intensity.”

Huffington Post: “I take full responsibility of the mediocre to bad things I have done in my life. Most importantly, I try not to judge them. And even though I do not ask for it, I get it back: forgiveness, gratitude, even admiration. A weight lifts off my shoulders.”

New York Times: “Two months after the Forum, I’d rate my success at 84 percent. I’m more prone to telling loved ones and colleagues, in person and without glibness, that I love or admire them.”

Health 24: “I took a lot of valuable lessons from the Landmark Forum. I honestly feel that I have more insight into my life…with my new-found knowledge, when looking back at my life I can see that it wasn’t just a sequence of random events, but determined much more by myself than I ever could have imagined.”

The Press, New Zealand: “Landmark applies a Humanist understanding of the human condition. our essential being lies in our social interactions. Meaning is created and enjoyed in the actions which bind individuals to their cultures. It is not static but negotiated. And consequently, dysfunctional lives need to be fixed not by going inside a person’s head, looking for the broken bit, but by tackling the social sphere where the self really exists…Thank you Landmark. We’re transformed because we have the techniques to transform the social setting that has been shaping and constraining us all along.”

Forbes Women: “At the Landmark trainings, they teach you to have an honest dialogue with yourself, to find out to what degree we are ruled by attitudes and fears from the past, to what extent we do or do not permit ourselves to forgive, to love, to dream and in general, to lead a full life and realize our potential.”

T4WP Promotes World Peace

As his project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Timothy Jean-Baptiste created T4WP or Time 4 World Peace, an organization dedicated to having people set a dedicated time to take action towards peace in the world.

The project aims to have people recognize 4:00 pm as the time to recognize world peace and take some positive action. The project also encourages action on the 4th day of each month. According to the Time 4 World Peace website, Jean-Baptiste and the organization are negotiating with major commercial organizations to make awareness raising announcements at 4pm on the 4th day of each month.

To find out more, and watch a video of Jean-Baptiste talking about the project, visit the Time 4 World Peace site.

CEOs Evaluate Landmark Forum

Landmark Education’s programs and/or methodology have been brought to many major corporations throughout the world, include Reebok, Apple, Panda Express, New Zealand Steel, Lululemon, and many more. Here are some excerpts of what some CEOs of major corporations had to say about Landmark.

  • Paul Fireman, founder and former CEO of Reebok:

Reebok CEO Paul Fireman Talks about Landmark Education

  • Panda Express founder and CEO Andrew Cherng said “I see the benefit of Landmark to the human race”, and about his commitment to have employees have the Landmark Forum available to them, “If you quit Panda tomorrow, I still want you to go to Landmark.” Read more in this feature about Panda Express and Cherng in Business Week.
  • Lululemon Athletica CEO Christine Day: ”We feel like Landmark is a tool. It’s created a culture of accountability.” Fast Company magazine notes that at Lululemon, a cutting edge apparel company, employees are rewarded with Landmark Forum seminars to celebrate their first anniversary of working for the company.
  • New Zealand Steel managing director Malcolm Burns: “Landmark was the catalyst that altered the aspects of people’s relations that nothing else could have altered.” New Zealand Steel brought Landmark Education’s programs to its employees, and the results were outlined in a case study: a 50% increase in company wide safety, a 50% increase on return on capital, and rise of 20% in the amount of raw steel produced per employee.

Leap of Faith Ball Benefits GLBTQ Youth

Mark Corbett reports that the ‘Leap of Faith’ Ball is being planned in South Florida to benefit Broward House’s GLBTQ Suicide Prevention Program. Described by Corbett on the Landmark Education Facebook page as ‘Our Landmark project’, the complete stated purpose of the ball is to support, educate, and empower youth for the prevention of teen suicide. Corbett is teaming with project co-leader Maritza Bedoya and a team of dedicated community leaders to make the event happen.

Visit the Leap of Faith Ball Facebook page to get the latest news, or email Corbett at mark@leapoffaithball.com.

Landmark Education Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Landmark Education has announced that it has reached its 20th anniversary as a company as of February 1, 2011.

According to Landmark Education, in the twenty years since its founding, more than 1.3 million people have taken part in its flagship course, The Landmark Forum. During the same time, Landmark Education reports, more than 100,000 people worldwide haved undertaken difference making community projects out of taking part in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

Landmark Education now employees 475 staff worldwide. The company’s CEO, Harry Rosenberg, indicates that Landmark is not standing still: “We have been engaged in a major redesign of our programs and our company,” he says.

Landmark has also been featured in major media outlets, including two feature stories in The New York Times.