CEOs Evaluate Landmark Forum

Landmark Education’s programs and/or methodology have been brought to many major corporations throughout the world, include Reebok, Apple, Panda Express, New Zealand Steel, Lululemon, and many more. Here are some excerpts of what some CEOs of major corporations had to say about Landmark.

  • Paul Fireman, founder and former CEO of Reebok:

Reebok CEO Paul Fireman Talks about Landmark Education

  • Panda Express founder and CEO Andrew Cherng said “I see the benefit of Landmark to the human race”, and about his commitment to have employees have the Landmark Forum available to them, “If you quit Panda tomorrow, I still want you to go to Landmark.” Read more in this feature about Panda Express and Cherng in Business Week.
  • Lululemon Athletica CEO Christine Day: ”We feel like Landmark is a tool. It’s created a culture of accountability.” Fast Company magazine notes that at Lululemon, a cutting edge apparel company, employees are rewarded with Landmark Forum seminars to celebrate their first anniversary of working for the company.
  • New Zealand Steel managing director Malcolm Burns: “Landmark was the catalyst that altered the aspects of people’s relations that nothing else could have altered.” New Zealand Steel brought Landmark Education’s programs to its employees, and the results were outlined in a case study: a 50% increase in company wide safety, a 50% increase on return on capital, and rise of 20% in the amount of raw steel produced per employee.

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